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We love to bring your ideas to life and would love to hear from you if you have an idea in mind for a product you can't find or even an adaptation of a current Timbertots products.  We love the challenge and most importantly the customer satisfaction we get when we create that reality!

Kilmaine Primary School, Bangor

This was a large project for a new school.  Their outdoor space was a blank canvas and the teachers had a very clear vision thay wanted the outdoors to be a rich, stimulating, learning environment.  Each bespoke item was made to meet the needs of their pupils from foundation right through to Key stage II.

Lisbellaw Nursery School, Fermanagh

We were approached by the Nursery Principal as she was looking at installing a play system but needed to ensure it was child friendly and easily accessible and yet challenging for the nursery children.  A play system that would continually offer them challenges and in turn help to develop their coordination, problem solving and  communication skills. 

Kilronan School Magherafelt

The Principal at Kilronan school got in touch with Timbertots as she loved our standard role play house but needed it to be easily accessible for wheelchair users.  We adapted our design to include a ramp and higher level seating inside.  The small play den was a special request and a secret den for those children looking for some quiet time.  We have heard it has been a big hit!